Dance of the Rising Goddess

A Goddess of Love,

Beauty, Sex, Desire, Fertility, War, Combat, Justice, and Political Power,

the 7000 year old tale of the Goddess iNANNA embodies a celebration of womanhood. 

Female deities were worshiped and adored all through Sumerian history, but the Goddess who outweighed, overshadowed, and outlasted them all was the

Goddess iNANNA.

This 2-act spectacle takes the audience on an exotic journey to the ancient world of Mesopotamia and some of the earliest writings, music and culture. 


Upcoming Events

Astra Theatre
Astra Theatre

Past to the Present

iNANNA has currently been in development for 7 years. Preliminary workshop showcases were mounted in 2009 and 2011 at Vivace Studios, Toronto, Canada, with a fuller scale workshop presentation in 2014 at the Mod Club, Toronto, Canada.

During the first two workshops, our team experimented with a variety of performance techniques and features to determine its viability in the production.

The introduction of live narration and singers versus pre-recorded work after the first two workshops were the result of a consensus to incorporate additional elements of interaction. 

The next milestone in development is the scaling of Inanna to its intended vision.

The story of Inanna is found inscribed on clay tablets and fragments in Inanna's temples that exist today in Malta and her sister island Gozo. Therefore it is our vision to present Inanna  on the island of Malta and her sister island Gozo at the Astra Teatru where we have been invited on June 19th and 20th, 2020.

Joanne Lordess Camilleri

Performer/Producer/Instructor/Choreographer/Artistic Director in middle eastern arts and performance arts in various dance realms, with her most recent passion in contemporary circus arts. Joanne is in her 7th year directing, staging and choreographing her theater production of iNANNA. She has managed entertainment and entertained as a regular day/evening performer in Toronto and other venues across Canada, US and Europe. Joanne has been cast in film and performed in many television shows and live theatre. In 2006 she produced an Instructional Belly dance DVD in Malta, Europe and founded her dance school Vivace Studios. Joanne instructs middle eastern arts regularly at the University of Toronto and at The Living Arts Center, Mississauga, ON., including privates, corporate classes, workshops and organized dance troupes across Ontario.

Chris Hall

Composer / Arranger / Producer / Musician        
At 24, a staff writing position with Chappell Music led to Chris’ first record deal with Warner Bros. In 1981 he signed with Capitol Records and released his first LP, Lifeline. In 1989, he became one of the principal composers for Canada’s most successful show, The Nature of Things, with David Suzuki

 Keith Holding

Director / Technical Director / Producer

An award winning Director and Technical Director. He has worked extensively in television, new media, film and theater over the past thirty-eight years. Keith was video technical director for many live theater productions including Livent’s Phantom of the Opera, Sunset Boulevard and many more. He also carries numerous television and media credits at the highest level in the country, including Cirque du Soleil and SYTYCDance Canada to name a few.  He currently is director and technical director for the live show, Mozart Effect Live playing in Chicago, Cleveland and Toronto Sony Centre in January 2020.




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